Would you like to be the next Secret Teacher?

For all published posts, we will send you a £5 amazon voucher.

***£10 voucher for posts received in September 2019 that go on to be published. Articles may be published after September 2019.***

We are looking for interesting perspectives on anything educational. You do not even need to be a Teacher in the school. You could be a Teaching Assistant, Site Manager, work in the Kitchen, work for the Local Authority or even the Department for Education!

We would like your genuine, anonymous views.

All the Secret Teacher posts are anonymous. Even we do not need to know who you are.

Posts must meet the following terms and guidelines:

  • You must make sure your post does not make you or anyone else identifiable…no names (people, schools etc). Do outline what your role is.
  • Feel free to include a picture.
  • The content must not be malicious. Be critical, but we don’t just want a moan…how could things be better?
  • No jargon or corporate speak. Keep it interesting and conversational.
  • A post should be a minimum of 500 words.
  • There is no upper limit for the length of the post, although a rough guide would be 1500 words.
  • We do not normally allow links unless they are crucial to the post.
  • No advertising of any kind.
  • The post must have good English. We do proof read everything, but if there is too much then it will be rejected. We may also edit the post if needed.
  • We reserve the right to choose what is and what is not posted.
  • It should be your own work.

Email your contributions here.

You do not need to provide your name, although we would like to notify you if we are going to use your contribution and we would do this by email. We will never share this with anyone else.